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How many locks will reliably protect the front door?

How many locks will reliably protect the front door?

One of the important points when choosing an entrance door is its burglary resistance, which depends on the number and quality of locks. Therefore, let's find out how to choose locks for your front door.

Everyone understands perfectly well that only high-quality locks need to be cut into the front door. But the number of locks is constantly debated among specialists. Based on our realities, we can say that even one lock with a reliable cylinder will be enough for the front door, which will be additionally protected by armored plates. After all, it is they who will protect the castle from force. And about 90% of unauthorized intrusions into our homes occur when the castle is forcefully applied. Well, attackers use force on the door leaf (cutting) only in 1 case out of 10. Therefore, the burglary resistance of the door will be higher than that of a similar door, into which 2-3 simple locks are embedded without armor plates.

It is also worth noting that biometric, card and electronic locks that do not have keyholes are becoming more and more popular. We can say that while they are more reliable than mechanical locks. But once the underworld adapts to them, their reliability will diminish.

You should also know about such a paradox - the higher the secrecy of the castle, the easier it is to disable it with ordinary dust. If dust gets into the lock, it will jam. Therefore, during repairs or cleaning, care should be taken to ensure that no dust gets inside the lock.

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